I send my sextape of my Ex GF on tumblr when she do a great footporn

My ex and I had stayed together for two years in all. We're both libertines. We always had the habit to try new things in sex. To spice up our sex life every day, we went to the libertine clubs where we could find many partners that share our passion. We were also inscribed on the libertine dating sites. One day, while I surfed the internet I came across a site that I found actually doing foot porn.

I've always been a foot fetishist but my ex, she did not really like it although it was a very open mind and had no limit on the sexual level. I was then shocked to have seen on this video while she never wanted to play the game with me. That's why I posted on Tumblr one of our sextapes where we could find her in full sexual romps with me and my best friend is doing bugger in pairs.

A doublet with a difference

My ex had beautiful shapes. Moreover, I found seeing her video she was still beautiful with her big tits and nice ass. The only difference is that at that time she had not long hair. On the video, we can then see the spirit to suck my cock in full erection while my best friend makes him a good cunnilingus and I yours fetched. Then she sucks his cock while I finger her with two and three of my fingers. I pressed him my cock in her pussy shaved and dripping wet while still sucking my buddy in the doggy position. She subsequently placed on me and took place simultaneously fucked from behind by it. We both ejaculate in his mouth. Our sextape received thousands of likes. If you want to watch her sexual ability, simply visit Feet9. It is a fetish porn site.

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